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Gem Prices

Buying & Collecting Gemstones NEW / UPDATED!
Gemstone Grading & Pricing NEW / UPDATED!
Wecome to Bangkok, Gem Capital of the World! (MS Word)
Gem Scams In Thailand
Best Ways To Spot A Fake Watch
Collecting Fine Nephrite (Coming Soon!)

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How do I become a gemologist?
What do I need to become a gemologist?
How do I become a gemstone appraiser?
What kind of gemology tools do I need?
What books do you recommend for a new gemologist or a gemstone collector?
What is the best way to learn about gemstones?
Are online gemstone identification courses any good?
How do you fold gemstone papers?
Is there any particular Refractometer that is better for gemstone identification?
Can you recommend a good online gem forum?

How can I identify gemstones? What are their main characteristics?
How do I recognise uncut gemstones?
How do I identify gemstone quality?
What is the difference between precious and semi-precious gemstones?
Gemstone prices: Is there a website or source that can tell me how much gemstones cost?
What are the top ten most expensive gemstones?
How do I tell the difference between several blue stones?

How do I take care of Diamonds and other stones?
How expensive are green Peridots?

Why has my Peridot lost its color?
How do I take care of Opal? Can it be repaired?
Can I polish a stone at home?

What colours do Sapphires come in?
What is the difference between pink Sapphire and pink Tourmaline?
Are Sapphires rarer than Diamonds?
What is the difference between natural Sapphires and man-made synthetic Sapphires?
Is yellow Topaz a substitute for yellow Sapphire?
Do clear/colorless Sapphires exist?
Is there such a thing as a "white" Sapphire?
Is Sapphire worth more than Topaz?
Is Kashmir Sapphire the best Sapphire in the world?
What is "created" Padparadscha Sapphire?
What do uncut, unheated Rubies look like?
Are Rubies only red and no other color?
What is a 5ct Afghan Ruby worth?

How do Star Sapphires form?
How do I tell a good quality Star Sapphire? How much are they worth?

How to purchase Jade jewelry and not get ripped off?
How can I tell good quality Jade from bad quality Jade?
How can I tell if something is Jade?
If the ancient Chinese had no natural source of Jade, where did they find their Jade?
What do the different carvings of Chinese jade signify?
What's the value of Jade? Is it valuable?

The Hong Kong Jewelry & Watch Fair Report Sep 2004
2004 2nd Quarter Updates
2004 3rd Quarter Updates
2004 4th Quarter Updates
2005 1st Quarter Updates
2005 2nd Quarter Updates
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